Haere Mai, Welcome

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The Positive Directions Trust – He Tohutohu Pai ki Waitaha (PDT) is a non-profit, Charitable Trust established in 1996. PDT exists to provide meaningful social development services by identifying social need and creating practical solutions to address the need.

Over the last 16 years, we have created and run a range of innovative programs and services in the areas of health, employment, housing and education, working with various government agencies and many people groups.

The primary focus of the Positive Directions Trust is to assist in the development of communities, in particular: Maori, Pasifika Peoples, and other disadvantaged or disenfranchised community groups.


 Range of Services

            Post Earthquake Resilience Services                      Hauora Health and Wellbeing Services


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Our Mission

  1. To create, facilitate and provide community development strategy’s to enhance social and economic development in Otautahi/Christchurch, Canterbury and beyond, which above all enhance the life outcomes of the individuals, whanau and communities we work with.
  2. To improve the current social and personal outcomes of disadvantaged people and groups, particularly Maori and Pacific Island and other disenfanchised communities, in the target areas of Health, Employment, Housing and Education.
  3. To provide professional guidance and practical assistance for government agencies and other community social service providers.