PDT Developmental Mentoring Service


This program assists our community and identified client base in achieving their employment/educational/preferred lifestyle goals by providing full-time care in a safe whānau-based environment. It is inclusive of all ethnicities and operates in conjunction with organisations and agencies involved in the therapeutic care of at-risk individuals.

PDT have identified and is committed to extending its current service commitments for at-risk individuals in the areas noted above, to a particular focus of operating interventionist mentoring and pastoral care programs for its identified client base.


The PDT ‘DMS’ Programme provides several services for at-risk clients and others:

  1. Mentoring
  2. Supervision
  3. Guarding
  4. Full time Care Giving
  5. Education
  6. Vocational Training
  7. Recreation

In essence, PDT’s goal for this program is to provide high quality and culturally appropriate social services by matching service needs with suitable staff or representatives/agencies to ensure the clients receive high quality and culturally appropriate services. The intended outcomes for our clients are the optimal results in each situation.



  1. Quality supervisory, mentoring, recreational and educational programs in line with contracted co-operating organisations regulations and requirements
  2. Assistance with personal development
  3. Numeracy/literacy assistance where appropriate
  4. Group related and individually based creative activities
  5. Sport and recreational activities, including health and dietary promotion
  6. Continuation of community and parental support if required
  7. Employment to suitable individuals in the areas of child supervision and programme delivery
  8. Support to the local community
  9. A community/whānau based alternative to mainstream options
  10. Opportunity for clients and employees to gain qualifications and ongoing training
  11. The option to pursue other areas of community service and funding, thus creating the prospect of other employment opportunities that will be advertised within our community
  12. Provide clear and concise reporting and accountability to appropriate stakeholders