Kiwi Learners Alternative Education Service

This program assists our community and identified participants in achieving their educational goals by providing relational and cross-curricular based alternative education in a safe whānau-based environment. The program is inclusive of all people and operates in conjunction with organisations and agencies involved in the therapeutic care of at-risk individuals of school age

PDT have identified and are committed to extending its current service commitments for at-risk individuals, operating interventionist mentoring and care programmes into a particular focus of providing alternative education.

The Service Specifics

This program is designed for young people with learning difficulties or who have missed out on crucial age-specific educational opportunities. The systems, courses, tools and course materials can be applied to individuals or groups where required as individualised packages through to full-time learning for year 1 to year 13 school students or the establishment of homework centers. We cover most core-curriculum subjects.

Our systems were initially developed as a result of our work with students who not only displayed low standards in their ability to communicate effectively via written and verbal media, but who also failed to grasp basic mathematical and scientific concepts. This experience motivated us to produce innovative education and IT instruction methods with a highly interactive base. When enrolled, students are encouraged to work towards enhancing their English, Mathematic and oral/written communication skills, using these interactive training methods incorporating innovative learning pedagogy. With an average 38% (age level) improvement rate in literacy and numeracy standards, our model combines highly interactive learning concepts with NZ primary and intermediate school curricular-based content.

The computer-training component of the model is an important ingredient in our success. With many Kiwis still lacking access to computers and digital communication facilities, it is of urgent importance to bridge the digital divide. Accordingly, Working Wonders specialises in effective IT training methods designed specifically for youth and new learners.

Numeracy and Literacy Content.

Contextual Language Learning

  • Language Structure
  • Phonetics and Word Sounds
  • Comprehension
  • Listening Skill Enhancement
  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Interactive Learning Methods
  • Drama, Musical and Diagrammatic Interactivity
  • Group Interactivity
  • Predominantly Kinaesthetic Learning Approach
  • Gamming Resource Learning
  • Computer Literacy Content
  • MS Windows Navigation
  • Word Processing
  • Internet Communications
  • Email Communications
  • Desktop Publishing

Our Tutors.

As part of the organisation’s philosophy, our Tutors are appointed for their ability to relate to the learning issues of the young people who chose to partake in our programs.

They are generally young people themselves who have the necessary ability to share their knowledge. They are well trained in areas of Numeracy & Literacy and other core-curriculum areas and undergo performance and quality checking as each course progresses.

Our systems have been designed to progressively develop the young students and the course:

Our systems have been designed to progressively develop the young students and the course:

  • Program Evaluation Process
  • Tutor/Teacher Training
  • Tutor Performance Process
  • Reporting Schedules
  • Daily Student Evaluation Process