Supported Employment 

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This service contains all or some of the following components:

A. Career Packs

Resources for job search and career planning contained in these packs will include but is not limited to:

  1. Professional Client Profiles
  2. Curriculum Vitae & Resume Construction
  3. Example cover letters, thank you letters, and speculative letters
  4. Guidelines on embarking on the employment trail
  5. How Clients can create their own Employment Board

B. Career Pathways

Clients will be coached in key areas of importance regarding successful employment placement. These will include:

  1.  The Application Process
  2. Interview Preparation
  3. Interpersonal Communication
  4. Forms of written communication such as professional letter writing and cover letter writing, emails,
  5. Speculative letters, thank you letters, etc
  6. Body Language Techniques – identifying positive from negative
  7. Responsiveness, gathering information from prospective employers, learning to listen and question

C. Career Coaching

  1. Self management
  2. Time management
  3. Personal presentation and required standards of personal hygiene

D. Cold Calling and Industry Visits

  1. Actual cold-calling visits to individual businesses/employers
  2. Actual job interviews