Whanau Fitness and Nutrition


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PDT provides a Health and Fitness support service for a Whanau & Rangatahi:

  • One on one and/or group instruction in nutrition and dietary advice.
  • One on one and/or group fitness programs.
  • Monitoring the progress of all participants.
  • Help to establish realistic individual training regimes.
  • Help to initiate healthy eating plans.

The service aims to encourage the following:

  • Everyday whanau wellness.
  • Changes in whanau attitudes towards nutrition, physical activity, personal health and fitness.
  • Pakeke taking the lead in promotion of healthy lifestyles to their whanau.
  • Utilisation of accessible training resources.
  • Help to overcome misconceptions towards health and fitness.
  • Help to identify barriers to improving health.
  • Increased energy levels.